Why aren't my Google page listings updating?
Updated over a week ago

Google's indexing process can take several weeks to incorporate your site's new information, which means that the changes from the app may not be seen immediately in Google search results. However, you have the option to speed up the process by following Google's official recommendations for requesting a recrawl of your site (update it in Google results).

It's important to note that our app immediately applies the changes to your sites's code but if you're worried that it is not working on your site as it should, please see "How to check if the app is working on site?".

If in any case your site isn't appearing in Google results after waiting for several weeks and the pages haven't been recrawled by Google, it's possible that your pages are present in search results but not on the first page or first few pages. For insights on this scenario, please see "Why has my site's Google ranking not improved?".

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