"Keyword not added" in Special Pages

Question: In an audit, I see the error "Target keywords needed." How can I fix this?

Answer: Our app does not fill your 404 page or your Search page with default values, since their SEO data can depend on your industry and since they don't get default values in Shopify either. So click into each page in the audit list, then manually write in the SEO data:

  • A target keyword phrase: 3–5 words that a potential customer might type into Google to reach this page. For example, your Search page could have a keyword phrase of "search" or (for an athletics store) "find athletic gear", and your 404 page could have "page not found" as its keyword phrase. If you aren't sure what target keywords are, see What are target keywords?
  • A page title and a meta description. If you aren't sure what these are, see What are meta tags?