How can I fix broken links?

Question: I see lots of entries in the Broken Links section of the app. Does this mean that my site has broken links? How can I fix them?

Answer: One of the quickest wins using the app is to turn on AutoPilot for Broken Links.

If you are wondering where the broken links are coming from, see Why does my site have broken links?

Broken links are redirected to your homepage by default, but if you need to edit a redirect so that it points to a different address, press  Actions ⇨ Edit:

Or to change the automatic redirect to something other than your homepage, edit the settings in AutoPilot ⇨ Broken Links:

Usually, the app redirects a broken link automatically, but in some cases it needs your input, showing a warning "Needs Fix." In these cases, write in the handle of the address visitors should be redirected to. (A handle is part of the URL after the address of your site. In the URL "", the handle is "/admin/settings".) Once you have written the handle of the page visitors should see, press Save: