What is keyword density?

Question: What is keyword density? I see this error in an audit: "Content has a keyword density of ___%. Should be between 2-3%" What does this mean?

Answer: Keyword density is a computation of how many times your keyword appears in your page content (the product description) divided by the total number of words in the product description. Keyword density can be increased by adding your target keywords (usually a few times) into the product description:

 A first step that may make this easier is to simplify your target keyword phrase. By default, the target keyword phrase is a copy of the product title, which is "MechaCat Robotic Cat" in the example above. If we used that phrase several times in the product description, it might sound awkward or unnatural. So let's simplify the target keyword phrase down to a shorter phrase that potential customers might look up on Google to find a product like this one:

Then write your customized keyword phrase into the product description until the keyword density reaches at least 2%: