How do I know that the app is working on my site?

Question: How do I know that the app is working? Or, I want to verify that the app has actually changed my site's image alt tags, page titles, and meta descriptions. How can I do that?

Answer: Go to the Reports section of the app to see the issues that the app has fixed on your site. Press the tabs at the top of the list to filter by type of fix, and press View to see more details on a particular fix.

To see directly the code that the app has created, you can view a page's meta tags by right-clicking on the page and selecting "View source," or writing "view-source:" at the beginning of the page's URL, then press Enter.

The easiest way to view image alt-text is to right-click on an image and select "Inspect," or press F12 and select the Inspector (mouse pointer icon) and click on an image, then scroll until you see "alt=".

Here is a walkthrough of this process: