What are meta tags?

Question: What are meta tags? What is a page title, a meta description, or an alt tag?

Answer: Meta tags are bits of code in the background of each page of your website. You can't see meta tags on your pages, but they tell Google what each of your pages is about. Here are a few important meta tags:

  • Page title and meta description: These two meta tags are what you see in web search result pages:

These are not the same thing as the product title and product description that you have set in your Shopify admin, even though our app creates page titles and meta descriptions based on your product information. Because they are not the same, you don't need to worry about our app's AutoPilot feature overwriting your product titles and descriptions that are visible on your site. AutoPilot only sets your meta tags, so it won't change how your site looks at all.

  • Image alt textAlso called an "alt tag," this meta tag is attached to images on your pages. The alt text describes the contents of an image, and it helps your site's images to appear higher up on image search engines such as Google Image Search.