Why has my site's Google ranking not improved?

Question: Why hasn't the app improved my site's Google ranking? Why haven't my pages moved up in Google search results?

Answer: One possible explanation is that Google may need more time to update your page rankings. See Why aren't my Google page listings updating? Keep in mind that it takes even longer for SEO to start making a significant impact on your site traffic and sales: 4 to 6 months on average. This is not due to our app being slow, but it's because of how Google and other search engines work. SEO is a long-term effort.

If you're worried that the app is not working on your site as it should see How do I know that the app is working on my site?

Back to the question. How high up your site appears in Google search results is impossible to control directly, since Google are the ones who determine that by taking into account hundreds of factors, including off-page SEO that humans (not apps) must do, such as backlinks from other sites to your pages. For best results, make sure you work on off-page SEO while our app takes care of your on-page SEO. For helpful resources about off-page SEO, see the links at the bottom of our guide What is SEO?

For on-page SEO, our app's automatic features are a solid foundation, but to get the most out of our app you may need to tweak your settings and improve your site's content with guidance from the app. See our Getting Started guides for more on this:

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