"Add exact target keyword phrase" or "Target keywords NOT found in title / meta description"

Question: In an audit, I see a warning to "Add exact target keyword phrase" to a page title or meta description. Or further down, under Scan Issues, I see "Target keywords NOT found in title/meta description." What does this mean and how do I fix it?

Answer: For your pages to be more highly ranked in Google, each page should be optimized for a particular keyword phrase, which means that the keyword phrase should appear in certain places—including the page title and meta description.

Here is how to fix the issue, so that both kinds of messages no longer appear ("Add exact target keyword phrase" and "Target keywords NOT found"). The target keyword phrase can be found at the top of the audit:

Even though this warning appears under Page Title or Meta Description in Step 2 of the audit, the easiest way to fix it is to scroll down to Step 3 and add the target keyword phrase (exactly, word for word) to the Product Title and Product Description, then save your changes and refresh the audit page. (By default, the page title and meta description are taken from the product title and product description, so adding the keywords to your product information will fix the page title and meta description as well.)

Here is an example in the meta description. (To fix a missing keyword in the page title, follow these same steps but change the product title instead.)

Once you refresh the audit page, the issue should be fixed: