Compression: Image processing is canceled due to upload limit?

Question: In the Compression section of the app, I see an error message: "Image processing is canceled. We have detected that you have reached your image upload limit." What does this mean, and how do I fix it?

Answer: Your account in the app has a 5 GB upload limit per month, and this message appears when you have reached that limit. In other words, the combined size of all your images is more than 5 GB.

After a few weeks, when your amount uploaded rests to zero, the app will automatically continue uploading and compressing your images. If you see this message again after that, it means that the rest of your images still couldn't be processed within the 5 GB limit (in other words, your images total more than 10 GB.) But after enough months, your images will finish compressing, and at that point, you will see a set of options on the Compression, including options for automatic image renaming for better SEO.