Can the app work with custom alt text functionality?

Question: Is the app's image alt tag optimization compatible with custom alt tag functionality, where alt tags are used for page functionality? (For example, displaying page content differently depending on what is in the image alt tags.)

Answer: No, the app's alt-tag optimization does not work with custom alt-tag functionality. Alt tags were designed to hold a short description of an image, and that is the use of alt tags that is most beneficial for your site's SEO, and so that is how our app sets them up.

If you want to keep your custom alt tag functionality, please make sure that the "Keep existing alt texts" box stays checked on the app's Optimize Images page:

However, if you are using the Free plan of our app, and if all of your product images have that custom alt text, then the Free plan will not do anything for your store, since alt tag optimization is the only free feature. To learn more about the app's upgraded features, please see What are the advantages of upgrading?

For more information on our app's alt tag optimization, see our quick guide How to optimize your image SEO for free.