Add a noindex tag in Audits

Prevent certain pages from appearing in search results by adding a  noindex meta tag in the HTML of the page. The next time your page is crawled by Googlebot and other search engine robots, they will see the meta tag and drop the page entirely from search results. 

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Adding a 'noindex' meta tag to a page

With SEO Optimizer, adding a  noindex meta tag couldn't be easier! Follow the steps below to add this meta tag to any of your pages in SEO Audits.

From the SEO Optimizer dashboard, go to SEO Audits and select the page you wish to prevent from appearing in search results.
Beneath your Target Keyword Phrase, check the box:  Block Search indexing with 'noindex' metatag.
Save your changes.
The  noindex meta tag has now been added directly to the HTML of your page in our app's code.
To remove the meta tag at any time, simply uncheck the box and save your changes.

Note: You can check the page's source code to confirm the tag has been added. Here is Google's guide on viewing the page source code and here is our own guide on checking SEO Optimizer's code.

Common questions

Will this only block Google from indexing my pages?
No, this metatag will work for most search engines, you can read more about this in Google's own guide: Block Search indexing with 'noindex'