How come URL Optimization created 404 pages or broken links?

Question: I used the URL Optimization feature of the app but doing so led to 404 pages or broken links. Why is this happening?

Answer: URL Optimization is a feature under which we optimize the URL structure of a website page in order to make it more understandable for search engine crawlers. This feature will change the URL of a product based on its product title. Because of this process, customers who have saved the previous URL of your site and have tried accessing will be led to a 404 page or see a broken link error. When a URL appears in the Broken Links section of the app, it does not necessarily mean that there is a broken link on your site. It just means that someone tried to visit that URL on your site, but there is no page for that URL since it has already changed due to the optimization process. 

Often the old links/URLs are on an entirely different site, which is the case if you used them for backlinks, which will also lead to 404 pages if you changed the URL.
Whatever the cause of a broken link, no harm is done to your SEO as long as the nonexistent page has a redirect to an existing page on your site—and our app takes care of that automatically with our Broken Links redirect feature.

Also, our app has the "Revert All URLs" button that can revert all the changes it made with your product URLs any time you wish.