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"Target Keywords Needed" Error in Special Pages
"Target Keywords Needed" Error in Special Pages

Addressing the "Target Keywords Needed" Error in Special Pages.

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If you encounter a "Target keywords needed" in an audit of Special pages, here's what it means and how to address it:

Understanding the Issue:

Our app doesn't automatically fill your 404 page or Search page with default values. These pages' SEO data can vary based on your industry, and they don't have default values in Shopify either.

How to Fix the Issue:

To fix this, manually input the SEO data for each page in the audit list.

β†’ Target Keyword Phrase:

Choose a 3–5 word phrase a potential customer might use on Google to find this page. For example, "search" or "find athletic gear" for a Search page, or "page not found" for a 404 page.

β†’ Page Title and Meta Description:

Write a page title and a meta description for each page.

πŸ’‘Note: If you're unsure about target keywords or meta tags, check our guides on "What are target keywords?" and " What are meta tags?".

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