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Will AutoPilot change my product titles and descriptions?
Will AutoPilot change my product titles and descriptions?
Updated over a week ago

AutoPilot will not overwrite your product titles and descriptions. Using the AutoPilot feature just simplifies the process of creating SEO-friendly titles for your products while keeping customer-friendly product title.

To clarify, let's break down some terms that are often mixed up:

  • Product title: This is what you set in your Shopify admin, and it's what your site visitors see.

  • Product description: Also configured in your Shopify admin and visible on your site.

  • Page title: Also known as a meta title. It's not visible on your site and is either set automatically by AutoPilot or manually by you through our app.

  • Meta description: Also not visible on your site, and it's set either automatically by AutoPilot or by you manually in the app too.

AutoPilot exclusively impacts page titles and meta descriptions. Your product titles and descriptions remain untouched; the app won't automatically change them.

So, the only elements AutoPilot will overwrite (if you've manually set them) are the page titles and meta descriptions. If you've customized these and want to prevent AutoPilot from making changes, please refer to "How can I keep my custom meta tags?"

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