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The Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app
The Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app

An in-depth overview of the app and how it can help drive organic traffic, increase visibility, and boost a site’s online presence.

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What is the Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app?

The Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app is a powerful and user-friendly application designed to streamline the SEO efforts of a merchant. The app provides a wide range of tools and features to optimize a website and improve its performance in search engine rankings.

Key Features of the app

→ AutoPilot

One of the standout features of the app is the AutoPilot functionality, it is designed to simplify the SEO optimization process. With AutoPilot, merchants can take a hands-off approach which can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on optimizing a website. Here are the benefits and capabilities of this feature:

  • It ensures the seamless application of automatic SEO settings across all products and pages, leaving no aspect of a site's SEO overlooked.

  • It actively monitors a store for any new or modified products and automatically applies SEO settings to these updates, ensuring that the entire website remains optimized.

  • It allows to customize the automatic SEO settings across all products and pages simultaneously, giving complete control and efficiency in one go.

When in doubt, it is recommended to keep all AutoPilot switches turned ON. Rest assured, AutoPilot only affects a site's SEO code and does not overwrite any visible product titles and descriptions.

💡 AutoPilot might be easily missed due to its seamless functionality, but investing a few minutes to familiarize yourself with AutoPilot and its customization options could potentially save you significant time spent on SEO tasks.

→ Reports

The Reports feature allows merchants to see the actual impact and improvements brought by the app. It serves as a robust tool providing up-to-date insights through periodic reporting updates.

→ Health Score

The SEO Health Score serves as a benchmark, gauging the effectiveness of SEO strategies and optimizations implemented on a website. This feature functions as a valuable metric for assessing, tracking, and enhancing a website's SEO performance, offering an overall rating of its SEO health. Keep in mind that it updates once per day and may not immediately reflect improvements on the score after making SEO enhancements in the app.

→ SEO Audits

The feature offers detailed analyses of each page on a website, helping to identify and address critical issues while fine-tuning the SEO settings for best results.

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→ More SEO-enhancing Tools

  • Google Snippets options to optimize how a website appears in search engine results

  • Broken link checking and redirecting to ensure smooth navigation for visitors

  • Image Compression to optimize websites’ images for faster page loading and improved user experience

  • URL Optimization to enhance website’s URLs and make them more search engine friendly

  • Sitemap Generation provides an option to submit a sitemap generated by Shopify to Google

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