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Guide to Alt-Text Optimization
Guide to Alt-Text Optimization

he article provides a step-by-step guide on how to tag images with alt text for free.

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The Optimize Image feature is designed to help with optimizing your product images and alt-text. We've compiled the most common questions and provided straightforward answers to make our app's image optimizer feature easier to understand. Let's get started!

✨ Alt-text feature is available in all plans

→ Alt-Text

Turning on this will feature will automatically add Alt-text to all images of your product. Google takes into account when ranking on search results. Instead of spending several hours doing this manually, our app will make it easier with just a few clicks and will take care of adding the Alt-text for all your images.

📝 Note: The Free plan of the app has a limit of 250 products for image optimization

To enable Image Alt-text simply navigate to the AutoPilot tab, scroll down and toggle On the Image Alt-text feature.

💡 This will help visually impaired customers understand and appreciate your images by providing clear explanations.

→ Steps to Improve Your Website's Image SEO

  1. Go to Optimize Images in the app

    Click "Continue" to access the alt text optimization feature. Note: Screenshots of other menu options are features of the Pro and Premium plans; the free version only offers alt text optimization.

  2. Set Your Alt Text Template

    We recommend sticking with the default template, but feel free to customize it if you wish. If you're unsure about what the template variables in the brackets mean, you can check our guide on Customizing AutoPilot with Templates for a more detailed explanation. Once you've made all the changes you want, just click the "Save Template" button.

  3. Sync Your Images

    The app automatically updates your image alt tags weekly, but if you want to speed up the process and update them sooner, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Optimize Images section of the app.

    2. Open the last step

    3. Click Sync Images.

If you see the message ("Sync in process / in queue") after clicking Sync Images, it means your images are already in the process of syncing.

📝 Note: Image sync won't be completed right away; it may take from at least a few hours to two days to finish syncing. The time it takes depends on the number of products in your store and the queue of other users currently syncing their images. Additionally, it may take several weeks for Google and other search engines to re-crawl your site and update their listings.

And there you have it! Your image SEO is now improved.

Common questions

Is it possible to disable the image optimizer?

Absolutely! To turn off the Image Alt Text, just slide the Status switch in the Image Alt Text section to the OFF position. It's as simple as that!

Can the app work with custom alt text functionality?

No, the app's alt tag optimization doesn't support custom alt tag functionality. Alt tags are intended to contain a brief description of an image, and that's how our app configures them for maximum benefit to your site's SEO.

If you wish to keep your custom alt tag functionality, please ensure that the "Keep existing Alt-texts" box remains checked on the app's Optimize Images page:

However, if you're on the Free plan and all your product images already have custom alt text, the Free plan won't make any changes to your store, as alt tag optimization is the only free feature. To find out more about the app's upgraded features, refer to "What are the advantages of upgrading?"

If I uninstall the app, will all the alt tags of the images generated by the app be removed automatically?

No, image alt-text processed will remain—everything else related to the app will return to its previous state.

Not all images have Alt text

Make sure you have turned ON the Image Alt Text feature in the AutoPilot section of the app. Then you can fix the missing alt text by syncing your images.

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