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How to Improve the SEO Health Score
How to Improve the SEO Health Score

In-app SEO improvement suggestions and tools for straightforward implementation.

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The ultimate goal of SEO is to enhance the visibility of your pages in web search results. A practical starting point for achieving this is the SEO Audits section, where the app suggests SEO improvements and provides tools for straightforward implementation.

The app performs many tasks automatically through its AutoPilot features, the issues identified in SEO Audits are related to the content of your pages. Our app does not change the visible content of your pages automatically to maintain authenticity. Instead, it gives you guidelines so that you can improve your content. It places the control in your hands for two key reasons:

Steps to Improve Your SEO Health Score

饾煭 Launch the app and click on SEO Audits

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You'll then see a list of your store's products, along with the number of suggestions the app has for each product. Even if a product or page is marked as "Optimized," there may still be improvements to consider in its audit. For thoroughness, click on every audit after addressing the most obvious issues highlighted in the audit list.

饾煯 Select a product to work on

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Here we'll select one that clearly needs improvement and click on the title to open the audit page.

饾煰 Check each step on the audit page and address highlighted issues

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The most common issues often involve missing target keywords. If you're unsure what that means, refer to "What are target keywords?" For more information on other warnings, consult our guide to SEO audit issues.

饾煱 Save changes

If you see Scan Issues marked in yellow in the last step, these may be issues you've already fixed. So first save your changes, wait a few seconds, and refresh the audit page to see if that solves your Scan Issues.

饾煴 SEO health is improved

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It might take a few hours for your SEO performance to update. Don't worry if your score doesn't improve immediately. Additionally, it can take a few weeks for Google and other search engines to display your site's updated information.

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