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Many Scan Issues all at once
Many Scan Issues all at once

A guide to understanding and resolving multiple scan issues in SEO Audits.

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Encountering multiple issues under Scan Issues in an audit might leave you wondering what's happening. Here's a straightforward guide to understand and address this:

Understanding the Issue:

"Many Scan Issues All at Once" typically indicates one of two possibilities:

  1. Your theme has undergone an update, and our app's code might need a refresh in the app's Settings.

  2. Another possibility is that your site has a storefront password.

How to Fix the Issue:

  1. If it's due to a theme update, refresh the app's code in the Settings after your theme update. You can find this option in the app settings, and it helps ensure compatibility with the updated theme.

  2. If you have a storefront password enabled for your site, removing it should resolve the issues. However, keep in mind that some issues may persist, requiring actual improvements in the audit.

    Why a Storefront Password Causes Issues: SEO Optimizer cannot apply SEO improvements when your site has a storefront password. In the Scan Issues section, the app scans your live site. Since pages aren't live due to the password, errors occur as if information is missing.


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