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Google Snippet Optimization
Google Snippet Optimization

Guide on how to optimize your Google Snippets

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✨ This feature is supported on the Pro and Premium plan

Here's a quick video guide on how to optimize your Google Snippets with the help of Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app.

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Google Structured Data Review Error

When using Google's Rich Results tool to test your Google snippets you may see an error for your review data similar to the one below.

As Google makes frequent changes to its structured data requirements, there is often a lag between this change and a review app's ability to update to these new requirements. If you are seeing an error in your review data here, you can reach out to your review app's support team as they would be able to address this issue.

Google Ignores App's Structured Data

If there is more than one snippet of data coming from your site (including ours), Google will always choose the data with the fewest warnings. Most of the time, the snippet/structured data coming from our app is the one with the fewest warnings. Please keep in mind though that this does not mean that Google will always turn that data into Snippets in search results pages. To see some reasons why Google does not always display Snippets, and some tips on how to make them more likely to be shown, see this article.

Duplicate Google Snippet data

In a Google Snippets (Rich Results) test, you can see that some pages have multiple sets of Snippet data. Is this a problem? No, this is not at all harmful to your site's SEO. In the case of duplicate Snippet data, Google chooses the data with no errors and the fewest warning messages (typically the data generated by our app), and those few warning messages in our app's data simply indicate that data is not provided for that field. Since this product does not have data in Shopify for those fields, there is no need to worry here.

Common Questions

Does the app provide a way to manually edit Google Snippets?

No. Our app generates Google Snippet data automatically based on page and product information. You can, however, edit our app's JSON-LD code manually. It can be found in the theme file booster-seo.liquid. You could also add JSON-LD code to your theme from scratch, following the steps in this guide.

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