How to fix "Duplicate SEO tags" error?
Updated over a week ago

The "Duplicate SEO tags" error is caused by having multiple SEO apps installed on your store or when your theme generates its own SEO code. If clicking the "Remove Duplicate Code" button doesn't resolve the issue, here are some other steps you can take to address the issue:

โ†’ Uninstall Other SEO Apps:

If you have multiple SEO apps installed, it's recommended to uninstall them via your Shopify admin. This is because having several SEO apps can create conflicts in your site's code, leading to errors.

โ†’ Check Theme Code:

If the issue persists even after uninstalling other SEO apps, it's possible that your theme is generating its own SEO code. In such cases, reaching out to your theme developer to discuss modifying the theme might be necessary but before making any changes, we recommend contacting our support team first to ensure that the issue is not directly related to our app.

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