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Cancelling App Subscription or Uninstalling the App
Why is there a subscription charge after the app is uninstalling?
Why is there a subscription charge after the app is uninstalling?
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The charge that you see on your invoice is from before you uninstalled the app. App billing cycles are not in sync with your Shopify billing cycle, as explained in this Shopify help article. This means you were charged while the app was still installed. Then, after a while, you uninstalled the app, and you'll only be able to see this charge on the invoice that arrives a few days or weeks later.

For example, let's say you started using the app on July 16 but decided to uninstall it on August 30. After a few days, around September 5, you'll come across a charge for the app on your invoice.

Here's a breakdown of what happened:

  • July 16: You are charged for your initial month, spanning from July 16 to August 15. (Shopify's monthly subscriptions are for 30 days each, which sometimes seems one day short when a month has 31 days.)

  • August 6: You received your monthly invoice from Shopify, including the first charge for the app.

  • August 15: Another charge was applied for your second month, covering August 15 to September 14.

  • August 30: You uninstalled the app.

  • September 5: Your Shopify invoice arrived, and you saw the second charge for the app. Please note that this isn't an error; it's due to the app charges being displayed on your invoice days or weeks after the app's subscription renewal date. You can confirm this by looking at the dates beneath the app charge on your invoice (as highlighted in the screenshot above).

Unused subscription days

You might be wondering why you're being charged for a full month even if you uninstalled the app before the month ended. That's a fair question! If this situation applies to you, please reach out to us by using the "Contact Us" button below. Let us know that you didn't use the entire last month of your subscription, and we'd be glad to refund you for the remaining days. 😊 (Please note that app subscriptions are managed by Shopify, so we're unable to make these refunds automatically.)

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