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Guide to Image Compression
Guide to Image Compression

Compress images for SEO and substantially reduce page load times

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Optimize your website's performance with image compression for SEO. Reduce file sizes without compromising quality, enhancing page speed and search rankings effortlessly

✨ Image compression is available on the Premium Plan

How image compression works

The app will sync your new images for compression at the beginning of each week. This job will usually be completed on either Monday or Tuesday. Occasionally, depending on the number of other users in the queue and the status of our servers, you may notice that the job will be completed over the course of a few days. This is normal and is sometimes required so that we do not overload our servers, as image compression can be quite an intensive process.

For brand new installations, it can take the app up to 48 hours to initially sync to a store. This depends on the queue of other accounts syncing and on the number of products in a store.

If the app has not finished syncing after 48 hours and your images have not successfully imported, please reach out to our support team.

→ Compression Settings

You can choose any of the settings depending on what you need most based on these details:

  • Balanced compression - Essentially, each photo's quality will be compressed a different percentage amount to maintain balanced quality over all of the images.

  • Conservative - Minimal compression of images without losing quality

  • Custom - Setting image quality to whatever percentage desired and all of the images will be compressed to the set percentage amount (between 65% and 95%)

File Rename Settings

Image renaming for SEO involves giving descriptive and relevant names to your image files to improve search engine optimization (SEO). When search engines crawl your website, they consider various factors, including image file names, to understand the content and context of the page.

If you enabled the app's Image Renaming feature after enabling Image Compression, the app will change the name of your product images based on the product title by default.

📝 Note: The Image Renaming process will only start once the Image Compression feature is done compressing the images.

Templates you can add to our app's Image Renaming feature:

  • Product Title

  • Product Vendor

  • Product Type

  • Variant Name

  • Product SKU

  • Product Barcode

→ Image Compression monthly limit

Your account in the app has a 5 GB upload limit per month. If you see an error message "Image processing is canceled. We have detected that you have reached your images upload limit." this means that you have reached your upload limits. In other words, the combined size of all your images is more than 5 GB.

After a few weeks, when your amount uploaded rests to zero, the app will automatically continue uploading and compressing your images. If you see this message again after that, it means that the rest of your images still couldn't be processed within the 5 GB limit (in other words, your images total more than 10 GB.) But after enough months, your images will finish compressing, and at that point you will see a set of options on the Compression, including options for automatic image renaming for better SEO.

Reach out to our Support team if you need help or have any questions about your image compression limit. Click Contact us

Common Questions:

If you do the image compression and then downgrade to the free plan, will it undo the image compression?

Yes, it will undo the compression made by the app. When our app compresses or renames an image, it creates a copy of the original image which remains intact in your Shopify account in case you need to revert to the original image. The app then modifies the copy according to your compression and renaming settings. Once the app is uninstalled or downgraded to the free version, the changes made by the app will be undone, except alt tags and broken links/URL redirects.

What happens to the original image that was uploaded to the Shopify admin after image compression? Will the app replace my original images?

No. The app will not replace your original images. The app works by creating a copy of the original image, which remains intact in your Shopify account in case you need to revert to the original image, and then modifies the copy, according to your compression and renaming settings.

Why is my site’s page speed doesn’t seem to be any better after image compression?

This is probably because the speed improvement from the compressed images was too small compared to other factors slowing down your site. These other factors may include:

  • A heavy theme

  • Lots of JavaScript, which usually comes from apps

  • Large theme images. (Our app compresses only product images and asset images such as small images for buttons. The images on the homepage, for example, are not compressed by our app. So if a homepage is slow from having huge images, it will be just as slow after our app’s image compression.)

Is there an option for the app to choose not to perform image compression?

Image Renaming will only start after the app finishes compression. They don't start together, Image Compression will always start first, and there is no option to skip Image Compression.

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