Can the app improve my website's speed?
Updated over a week ago

Our app is not designed to optimize page speed, and its code doesn't directly influence the loading speed of your site either positively or negatively. The app's purpose is to improve on-page SEO through the following features:

  • Keyword optimization of meta tags and content

  • AutoPilot feature for automated SEO improvements

  • Automatic resolution of broken links by redirecting them

  • Implementation of Google Rich Results (Snippets) using JSON-LD schema for your entire store

So if you're looking to improve page speed, you will need to look elsewhere.

The exception to this is our new Premium plan, which offers these additional features:

  • Image compression for faster page loading

  • URL optimization

  • Sitemap generation

For more information about the Premium plan or to give it a try, head to Settings ⇨ Edit Plan (or Upgrade if you're using the free version of the app).

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